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Engaging 360-degree Team Alignment
Whether you're looking to align your people as a group or individually via spot and manage-initiated Surprises; gain access to meaningful workforce insights and analytics; or reinforce your values and principles — you can do it all with a complete and engaging employee experience platform.
Incredible Curated Experiential Surprises
From a simple Uber ride to a relaxing 60-minute hot stone massage to an extravagant shark-diving experience in the Maldives — the platform integrates with some of the most emotionally impactful experiential prize vendors in the world.
24/7 Experience Concierge Hotline
No matter the time of day or day of the week, the Experience Concierge team is there to make sure your employees will have an unforgettable experience. This means phone and email support for all time zones and geographies and enterprise-grade availability for even the most globally distributed workforces.
Instant Spot Surprises
A short feedback loop is the first step toward effectively incentivizing goal-directed behavior. The platform allows program administrators, managers and individual employees alike to recognize and celebrate those around them who go above and beyond toward advancing the organization's mission or just being plain awesome 😊
AI-powered Workforce Insights
Who are the people most likely to quit? Who are the managers you need to really work to develop? Who are the people everyone loves so we can consider paying them more? Through posing engaging Insights questions to your employees, the platform surfaces meaningful data about your employees so you can make more informed and effective people decisions.
Analytics, Global Reporting, and Compliance
For large and complex organizations the work doesn't stop with an employee getting their experience. The platform follows through all the way, including exact spend analytics, real-time budget utilization, and accurate tax reporting for different tax codes and countries.
Automated Prize Vendor Management
The platform is designed to make sure that you are getting the best price for your employee's prizes every time. With powerful vendor integrations and spot auto-bidding on popular experiences, you get to benefit from the bulk purchasing power of our entire customer base by being a member of the platform.
Social Integrations, Mobile App, In-office Display
Good internal marketing is the key to successful celebrations. The platform allows your people to share their experiences with their peers and on social media to amplify their emotions, create buzz and strengthen your brand.
International Surprise Fulfillment
From Frankfurt to Macau, our Experience Concierge team will fulfill experiences that will leave your people with a flurry of positive emotions. The platform is truly global and has helped some of the most operationally complex organizations in the world to celebrate their people with the power of surprise.
HRIS and Single Sign-on Integrations (Oracle, SAP, Workday, etc.)
The platform integrates and syncs with most major HRIS providers for a seamless vendor and program management experience for your team.
Dedicated Customer Success Team
Our amazing dedicated customer success managers will always have your back! From helping you choose the most impactful moments to celebrate, to finding experiences that will make your employees most thrilled, to making sure our platform helps you achieve your strategic goals and objectives — the CSM team is always a phone call away, on a direct line of course 😉
99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA
We provide an enterprise level uptime SLA for our core SaaS platform along with an option for dedicated hosting for customers with strict compliance requirements.
Language Support
¡Hablamos Español! And a bunch of other languages too 😊 A truly global product requires world class localization and internationalization. The platform is available in all major languages and we can always learn a new one too!

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