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You’re a Team Owner if you’re in charge of your team’s credit card.
: as close as it gets toautomated team management
Up your daily gainswith Alice
analyzes thousands of performance data points and work patterns,
then automatically assigns purpose-driven daily work habits that improve on-the-job performance and strengthen team relationships.

Automatically gather daily 360° feedback

AliceAi gets each inidividual to answer a few personalized questions about themselves, their teammates, and general organizational competency on a daily basis.
The strategy for the questions automatically evolves from day to day, based on answers from the previous day – revealing deeper and more specific insights.
Opinion yourselfYourself
Opinion teamYour Team
Opinion OrganizationYour Org

Automatically improve work
quality and production

Missions™ are purpose-driven, role-specific, daily and weekly
work habits that improve on-the-job performance and
individual and team behaviors.
AliceAi™ uses the Success Index™, daily feedback, work
patterns, and performance metrics to automatically assign and
continously cycle Missions for each individual.
Alice use Success Index, feedback,
work patterns, and performance metrics to
automatically assign and continously cycle
Missions for each individual.
Mission Control screen

Automatically benchmark core competencies

Alice synthesizes insights from daily feedback, work patterns, performance data from integrated systems (like Salesforce, Jira, and Github), and Manager feedback to calculate a truly holistic success benchmark: Success Index™
Alice changes each individual’s Success Index throughout the day in response to in-app actions, new feedback answers, aptitude ratings, and performance data.
Leadership PPALeadership
Work Ethic PPAWork Ethic
Productivity PPAProductivity
Communication PPACommunication
Knowledge PPAKnowledge
Teamwork PPATeamwork
Health PPAHealth

Automatically drive daily
continuous improvement

Say goodbye to outdated incentive schemes that don’t actually
get today’s highly-stimulated workforce to take initiative or do
better proactively.
AliceAi’s predictive algorithms and real-time result analysis
optimizes precious bonus and incentive capital to drive
performance like never before.

Eliminate tedious daily

AliceAi combines 360° feedback (self, peer, and manager), with
performance metrics and work pattern analysis to develop a
cadence for Ai-powered chats with each team member.
These fully automated, two-way conversations keep a friendly
finger on the productivity pulse and help people stay on track.

Automate daily data-driven
decision making

AliceAi™ has access to millions of Success Index™ profiles and
performance data points from around the world. This massive
helps Alice optimize bonus budgets with an
unprecedented level of precision and efficacy.
Drastically improve the value of tools like Salesforce, Slack, Jira, Asana, and Github by amplifying their engagement and impact with the power of Surprise.

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