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Surprise eliminates apathy-induced performance roadblocks,
and transforms teams into top performers.

Get people to do better proactively

Stop chasing diminishing returns with outdated incentive schemes that aren’t aligned with today’s highly-stimulated, high-expectation workforce.

Turnkey, set-and-forget
Ai-powered management

AliceAi synthesizes performance metrics, work patterns, feedback, and aptitude ratings to automatically identify and solve weaknesses like:
  • Performance roadblocks
  • Apathy & low effort
  • Sloppy attention to detail
  • Role-specific failures
  • Compliance violations
  • Boring daily routine
  • Bad communication
  • Cross-functional silos
  • Workplace equality
  • Non-aggressive goals
  • Unenthused culture
  • Harassment & fairness
    in the workplace
Measuring is nice, doing is better
CRM, ERP, and Project Management tools
are great at measuring the work you do.
Surprise is entirely different: our proactive,
AI-powered, integrated platform actually
gets teams to do their jobs better every single day.
Drastically improve the value of tools like Salesforce, Slack, Jira, Asana, and Github by amplifying their engagement and impact with the power of Surprise.

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