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Align Your Team.
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We help you succeed by aligning your team with your organization’s purpose, strategy and tactics. And by providing you with the tools, data and analytics you need to excel.

A Different and Better Way to Reinforce the Behaviors that Fuel Performance
Surprise is a remarkable emotion. It floods your body with the hormone, dopamine, responsible for pleasure, motivation and learning.
We uniquely help you harness the power of Surprise to reinforce the behaviors that lead to individual and organizational success. And that help you build a unified, cohesive team focused on shared values and common objectives.
Surprise is Different: Because Science
Conventional 'align and reinforce' programs work for a while and then they don’t. Because people adapt and come to expect them. And with expectation, traditional programs lose their ability to excite or inspire. Behavioral science shows that variability – the sheer surprise of the unexpected or the possible – is the best way to fight the complacency that comes with adaptation. Only Surprise.com delivers the surprising experiences that invigorate and align teams, and only Surprise.com does it at massive scale.
The Surprising Power of our Business Success Platform
Surprise.com transforms work, applying artificial intelligence and behavioral economics research to create an entirely new framework for smart enterprise management.

Aligning Teams Across Your Organization

Make Your Number

Enterprise sales teams rely on Surprise.com to help align people across their field organization. From front line sales execs to SDRs and the sales enablement professionals that help with the heavy lifting. Celebrate the people who help you crush sales goals.

Rock the Spirit

Great work merits great rewards. We help you celebrate the sprint and the work that makes it happen.

Success Breeds Success

Going the extra mile to make a customer happy: great. Going that much further to turn a satisfied customer into a loyal customer: even better. We help you celebrate the moments of truth that fuel customer success.

Data + Deep Insight into Your Workforce
Surprised employees spend on average more than 10 minutes in our application, answering questions and sharing information about the things that matter to you and your company. Use this unique source of data to gain valuable insight into your team.
High Impact, Low Cost
Surprise.com is remarkably cost effective. It requires no support from your IT organization, is implemented quickly and delivers fast time-to-value.

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